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Zone 3 Chair meets Northern Region Office Bearers and National Council Members of SONZ

Brother Singanayagam Indrapalan, Chairman of Zone 3 of the Sri Sathya Sai Global Council, travelled to New Zealand with sister Saraswathi Baskar, Deputy National President of the Sai Organisation of Australia, Brother Kamal Naidu, Chair for Special Programs for Zone 3, and Brother Krish Naidoo, Chair for Education for Zone 3 during the weekend of Sat/Sun 13/14 August 2022.

On Sunday, August 14, 2022, the team engaged in one-on-one interactions with Northern Region Office Bearers, National Council members, and Trustees of the Sai Organisation of New Zealand.

This gathering aimed to create personal relationships with Northern Regional and National office bearers, address their concerns regarding The Sai Organization's future, and aid them on their road to spiritual enlightenment.

As a result of their uplifting and encouraging visit, everyone has been motivated to work for Swami with a renewed and even higher level of devotion, ardour, and excitement.


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