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One Million Tree Plantation

On 18 June 2022 and 2 July 2022, several Sai Devotees from the Auckland Region got together to take part in the "Million Trees" project, which was facilitated by the Auckland Council.

The Million Trees project was first introduced in 2017 by the Mayor of Auckland, Mr Phil Goff. The goal of the Million Trees project is to make Auckland more environmentally friendly by planting one million trees and shrubs, the vast majority of which are native species, across the region.

The initial group of devotees went out to the ‘Puhinui Reserve’ on a day that was bitterly cold and drenched in rain, but because they were doing worship for "Bhu-Mata" (mother earth) by beautifying her (Mother Earth) with a greener environment, they did not let the conditions deter them.

The ‘Totara Reserve’ was the location of the second round of tree planting activities. On both days, a wide range of native trees and plants were put on the ground.

At the event, there were people of all ages, including SSE children, Young Adults and Adults, which contributed to a sense of community. Because this volunteer effort was carried out in conjunction with the Maori celebration of 'Matariki' (Māori New Year) the Auckland Council made both planting activities feel even more joyous by supplying the hardworking planters with delicious ‘Kai’ (food).

Because the Earth is a Gift from God, we all have a communal and individual responsibility to care for Mother Earth. Overall, this was a fantastic community experience and event that will be remembered.


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