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Maha Sivaratri to Transcend the Mind and Prayers for the World Peace

Maha Shivaratri' means "Auspicious darkness". Lord Shiva is the Hindu God of renewal and rebirth, responsible for eradicating the old and corrupt in order to make way for the birth of something new that is sacred, pure and Divine.

The destructive might of Lord Shiva is feared by many, although this strength serves only to make room for regeneration. Without death, there can be no new beginnings in life. Lord Siva does not destroy us but raises our awareness to help us reign in our inner enemies, such as lust, anger, attachment, greed, pride, jealousy and ignorance.

If we do not first release ourselves from the actions and attachments of the past as well as the ego, we will not make any progress towards the realisation of God. Hence Maha Sivaratri is the opportunity for the spiritual aspirant to spend time in awareness of God

With the Divine Grace of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sai Organisation of New Zealand hosted many countrywide programs.


Auckland hosted 12 hours of non-stop and continuous Bhajans (devotional singing) beginning at 6 p.m. (Saturday, 18 February 2023) and ending at 6 a.m. (Sunday, 19 February 2023).

Each Sai Centre in Auckland, including the Young Adults, was allotted a certain amount of time during which they were tasked with taking charge of the singing session. The program was attended by a significant number of devotees.

In addition, during the session, an Abhishekam was performed on a Shiva Lingam that had been bestowed to a Sai devotee by Swami Himself. This was accomplished via the recitation of the ‘Siva Linga Ashtakam’. Every family was given the opportunity to perform ‘Siva Lingam Abhishekam’.

Some Bhajan session and the Siva Linga Abhishekam was broadcasted live on our Facebook page (, where they were appreciated by a large number of devotees who were unable to physically attend the Bhajans.

On several occasions, the projection screen within 'Sai Aroha' Hall echoed with the Lord Supreme Sri Sathya Sai's Voice of Eternity, heralding the triumphant crescendo of the Bhajans in HIS Divine Omnipresence.

On this significant day, worshippers prayed ardently to Lord Sai Shiva for the welfare of all people everywhere.


Bhajans were sung continuously for many hours by devotees in Wellington Sai Centre and Lower Hutt Sai Centre, following a structure very similar to that which was used in Auckland.

They performed ‘Linga Abishekam’ ritual twice. The ‘Siva Lingam’ had been bestowed with blessings by Swami many years ago.

Ravinder Grover


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