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Guru Poornima - Tribute to our Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as 'Guru'

Embodiments of Sacred Atman, Sai Ram to you all. On this occasion of Guru Poornima, I bow to our beloved Sai Baba, who is my Guru and wish the fellow aspirants ‘spiritual growth’ in this life cycle. Our Lord has shown five human values that would give us inner peace and that step towards the Lords. My perspective of life is recognising the divinity that exists in all beings, living in harmony with nature and serving the community we live in.

I am indebted to Swami for being the guiding light and being there at all times for spiritual development and inner peace. I humbly seek his grace to be humble and be void of ego in all aspects of my life.

May Peace be with you all.

Aum Sai Ram.

Mahendra Naidu

President of Auckland City Sai Centre


I came to Swami when He miraculously brought us to New Zealand after my wife and I fled the civil unrest in Sri Lanka in 1984 as newly married young doctors.

We left home with a suitcase and our hearts filled with hope and faith in the almighty.

He brought us to NZ as doctors fully equipped to face any situation after 4 years of intense training in Papua New Guinea. He has been by my side, guiding me ever since, serving Him through every patient I come across. He has made me face several difficult situations and life’s challenges with courage and humility.

When I had my first audience with Bhagavan in 1995 with Mata Betty’s group, He acknowledged me and made me realise my purpose in life as a doctor, father, husband and a good human being with one radiant glance and His divine touch.

There has been no looking back. “Help Ever Hurt Never,” and “Love All Serve all,” are the two values I practise regardless of any adversity or difficulties I have faced since.

Of course, life’s challenges will always be thrown at you, but my Guru, my Swami, knows how to navigate me through it all as I surrender everything including all my actions and the outcome to His command as a karma yogi.

I am absolutely blessed and I am aware that Sai is my loving God and my Guru, the one who is eternal in this universe there for me to guide and guard me with His love.

I offer my humble self at His feet 🙏🏻

Dr Selva Selvakumar


Pranaams at the Lotus Feet of our Beloved Bhagawan.

We are very fortunate to have come into Swami's fold and have none other than the Avatar of the Age as our Sadguru (teacher of the highest Truth). As Guru Poornima approaches, we reminisce on our beloved Bhagawan. He says, “I readily give you what you want, so that one day you may want what I have come to give you." What is it that Swami has come to give us? “I have come to give you: namely, liberation itself."

“Though gurus of the common type have increased in number, a guru is available for one who is far more supreme and compassionate than any or all gurus. He is none other than the Avatar of the Lord. He can, by the mere expression of His will, confer the highest consummation of spiritual life. He can gift it and get one to accept it. Even the meanest of the mean can acquire the highest wisdom, in a trice. He is the guru of all gurus. He is the fullest embodiment of God as a human." -Sathya Sai Vahini, Chapter 13, Page 56.

Now that Swami is no longer in His physical form, we can experience Him as a Guru as He lives through His teachings in His discourses as recorded in Sathya Sai Speaks, Summer Showers and His writings in the Vahini series.

I implore everyone to dive deep into these texts to take what Swami has ‘come to give’ and experience His guidance and Divine presence.

Jai Sai Ram

Inder Manilal


To my Divine Guru, the beloved Bhagavan inside each of us, I bow deeply in gratitude and offer my unending salutations. Although I am a slow learner and have had many setbacks along the way to self- transformation, I know He has never given up on me. I just want Him to hold my hand at all times, so that I may continue to be guided by Him to freedom and self- awareness. I yearn for His Love, Compassion and Grace, and I plead Him to continue to lead me from untruth to truth, from darkness to light and from death to immortality.

Ravinder Grover

National Media Coordinator (SONZ)


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