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Christmas Chimes Rung at the Sai Centre of Auckland City

The members of the Sai Centre in Auckland City got together on the first of December 2022 in a merry mood to celebrate Christmas.

To say that the SSE children, Young Adults, Adults, and loving Elders were in for a real treat would be an understatement. The line-up was absolutely riveting.

A lovely dance was performed at the beginning of the Satsang by Saianshi, who is a student at SSE. After that, there was a quiz that had been superbly put together by Ananya. There were some questions on the test about Jesus Christ and the teachings that he imparted.

The members of the centre definitely displayed their more competitive selves during the quiz, which featured questions of varying degrees of difficulty. The master of ceremonies for the evening, Aarthi, shared with the attendees the possibility that they would be visited by a very special guest if they continued to sing the Christmas carols in a joyful and festive manner.

After some lively carols, the Jingle Bells began to ring, and shortly after that, Santa himself came to pay them a visit.

The younger members of the centre were each given a present in the form of a token of appreciation for all of the hard work they had done throughout the previous year.

The evening came to a satisfying close with everyone eating together.

The Satsang was not only successful in bringing the members of the centre together, but it was also an excellent way to send off those who were going on the pilgrimage to Prasanthi Nilayam. May you have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous new year!

Report written by Arabi Jeyashankar


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