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KAI from SAI (Meals with Love) resumes - 24 April 2022

After a pause since mid-February 2022, due to Covid restrictions, the Kai from Sai (Meals with Love) community service initiative resumes again on the auspicious Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam day on Sunday 24 April, 2022.

Kai from Sai (Meals with Love), first started in October 2018, provides free vegetarian meals with love to our brothers and sisters in need around Auckland suburbs on a daily basis without any judgement. On average, 1,000 meals per week is distributed.

Community members supported through this service initiative include:

1)    Those who are Homeless.

2)    Living in rented homes but cannot afford food due to high cost of living.

3)    Neglected Children on the road.

4)    Sick people living at home and cannot cook.

5)    Elderly people living alone at home but cannot buy vegetables and cook.

6)    Mentally ill or psychologically affected people.

7)    Youth who have left home and live on the streets.

This community service initiative gives a good opportunity to serve the wider community and enables:

1) Our members to prepare food with love and enthusiasm. When this love flows

through the food to the recipient, they enjoy the food and give their love back to

others in the community.

2) Solves a critical problem where many families go hungry each night.

3) The organisation to introduce and encourage healthy vegetarian food with fruits to our brothers and sisters.

4) Us build a stronger bond and connection with the community.


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