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'Easwaramma Day' Celebrations in Auckland

May 6th every year, is celebrated as Easwaramma Day. It commemorates the day when the mother of Bhagwan’s physical body attained final merger with the Divine at the end of a glorious earthly career as the mother of the Divine Universal Mother - Sai. Easwaramma was very fond of children and was pioneers of the Bal Vikas (SSE). Hence this day is also celebrated as ‘Children’s Day’. This year 6th May coincided with the usual SSE class for the centres. A regional event was organised as ‘Sports Day’ for all the children from all the four centres in Auckland to participate in different sporting activities. The afternoon started by children culminating with their parents singing the glory of our Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

After the Bhajans, the children were placed into their groups for sporting activities. Children were excited to see the different sporting equipment that the teachers had brought in for them. After being put into their groups the activities started. Group 1 and group 2 children started their games with a race of placing a book on their head. The distractions and excitement of balancing the book on their head resulted in not many of them being able to hold the book on their head without the help of their hands. The audience had an entertaining time watching the children get better with the games as the time went on.

On this occasion, the Regional Ladies wing put together a ‘Ladies Pamper Pack’ for Women in Shelters (Safe houses) that was packed and sent to different women in shelters across Auckland as gesture for ‘Mother’s Day’.

The Group 3 and group 4 had sporting games of versing each other in a friendly football and basketball game. The teachers very creatively created sporting corners with different games to choose from. Both children and adults participated in these games. The highlight of the afternoon was when a thick rope was brought out by the North Shore centre for a ‘tug of war’. There were four rounds with all the groups engaged in the tug of war. The last fixture was between the adults. It was a spectacular competition to watch men versing the ladies and you guessed it right it was ladies that won! The afternoon ended with snacks and tea.

Bindu Handa

(Northern Regional SSSE Coordinator)

Jai Sai Ram!


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